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Business Intelligence

30 Businesses One can Commence with Less than $100

Are you a dreamer of your own company? What are you doing that is holding you back from starting your own business? If the answer is no, you can still start many businesses with just $100. neftegazaru Many people work odd jobs to earn a living. There are many ways to make extra money, no matter what your skill level.

Here are 30 ideas for starting a business.

Social-media consultant

People and businesses are always looking to hire people to manage and maintain social channels. They will often pay $500 per month.

Project Management

Not all businesses indeed have in-house managers. It means that projects can get out of control quickly. Many companies are willing to hire project managers from outside to help keep their teams focused.

Secretarial services

Numerous small businesses and individuals need to use services such as typing, proofreading, and transcribing. You should have a computer, a printer, and all the necessary skills to start your business.


If you’re a skilled chef but don’t have the capital to open a restaurant, you can start your catering service from your home.

Mobile repair

Do you want to add your touch to a repair company? A repair service that you are going to the client is a good idea. You don’t need a car, marketing, or your expertise to make this happen.

Resume writing service

Many people are not able to create effective resumes. They may lose the job they have been looking for It. It can be a very lucrative business for those who are good at creating resumes. (I have paid $100 many times for my resume to be shaped.

Holiday decorator

While everyone wants their house or office to look festive for the holiday season, not everyone can do it. This business doesn’t need much capital if it can do.

Domain name-buying.

Sometimes, a domain can bring for as low as $1. Sometimes domains can purchase for top dollar if a company needs them.

Flipping websites

Flippa is a platform that allows you to buy a website, create it, and then sell it. thetechbizz It could be an opportunity to make a profit. So, it is how I made around $25,000 to $30,000 in my first year of flipping websites.

Cleaning dryer ducts

Dryers become clogged up with lint. If this happens, it could lead to a house fire. It’s a neglected area. So, you can start your dryer duct-cleaning company with a vacuum cleaner and some general marketing.

Guide to the Tour

If you’re the local guide, you can charge tourists for a customized tour of your town.

Affiliate marketing

An affiliate is someone who has a blog that has a large number of followers. It means that you can recommend people’s products and services using your affiliate link. So, you can request this from the company or a marketplace such as Amazon. A commission is paid to you if someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase.


Dropshipping refers to selling products on behalf of companies through sites such as eBay. It is where the company sells the product and handles shipping.

Snow removal

This business idea is good if you have snow shovels or even a plow. But it all depends on the weather. (When I lived with my family in Utah, I used to pay $25 for a neighbor every time it snowed.

Pet grooming

You can make serious money by spending your time with pets, such as bathing, cutting nails, and giving them haircuts.

Pooper scooper

While it isn’t the most glamorous job in the world, it would be something most people fear so much they’d hire someone to do it.

Planner for an event or party

You can make a profit if you are organized and a planner by taking care of arrangements for retirements, birthdays, or weddings.

Provider of computer repairs and maintenance

Think about all the computers on the planet that are prone to crashes or that need updating. Is it possible that all owners have the technical knowledge necessary to troubleshoot any problems? However, you might believe beginning your own business.

A life coach or mentor

Many people choose to hire mentors or coaches to find happiness or lose weight. (I found that the average hourly rate for life coaches is between $50-250.


Businesses and individuals both need to keep their files organized. But not all people have the time. It is when they hire someone who will keep their books in order. (I pay $30 an hour to my bookkeeper, and she found me on a local classified listing that costs $50 per month.

Tax preparation

Tax preparation is another important task. However, most people lack the time and knowledge necessary to do this job. If you enjoy math and are knowledgeable about tax regulations, this could be a great business opportunity during tax season.


Did you know Amazon and Apple both offer book-publishing services? It doesn’t matter if you are a writer of an instructional book, a cookbook, or a sci-fi adventure. So, you can publish it almost at no cost.

Flooring business

It may sound simple, but installing your flooring can be complicated. Installing floors for others is a great way to save money. The best part is that you won’t have inventory to worry about — your focus would be on installation.

You can paint curb addresses.

Many residential and commercial customers would pay you to spray paint their curb. For the job, all you need is some spray paint.

Parking lot striping

Many parking lots need new stripes. Start by using a straightedge tool to apply spray paint. However, you will be able to purchase more professional equipment as your income increases.

Business planning

If you already have a successful company, you can use that experience and knowledge to start a new one. However, someone can help new business owners create a successful business plan.

Make your natural soaps and beauty items.

Natural products can be a profitable business. Dropshipping companies that make natural products and beauty products can be a viable option.

Logo design

It’s easy to start a business designing logos if you are creative. Designing unique logos or customizing existing templates is possible. Here is a guide for starting a design business.


Companies need people who can communicate in the language of their market.

Restore/upcycle furniture

If you have the skills and know-how to fix up furniture, you can make repairs and then resell it. London You’d make almost all the profit.

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