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Essential Gifts for the PlayStation PS4 Gaming Addict on Your Shopping List

Do you love PlayStation PS4 gaming? If yes, it’s time to invest in the best PlayStation accessories to make you feel like a pro gamer. 

Ever since the launch of the PlayStation 4, it has been everyone’s favorite console. Even though it isn’t the latest console, the PS4 has been able to make quite a name for it in the market. If you are a gaming addict with a PS4, you probably know about the importance of console accessories. However, it’s never easy to get your hands on the top-notch ones. People who are serious about PS4 do take their gaming experience to a different level. If you are looking for vital gifts for the PlayStation, there are loads of products available online in Canada. Esource Parts gladly provides you PS4 accessories at the most remarkable price range. So, do not wait more and level up your gaming experience with the products listed below.

The Best PlayStation Accessories 2021 

Indeed, PS4 accessories are one of the best acquisitions that you can make this year. No matter if you’re an old user or just stepped into the world of gaming, the right products will take your standard PS4 console-setup into a highly optimized setup. Read the details below.  

  • Wireless Controller Game Generic Third Party Controller 

Everyone knows that a PS4 controller from Canada is one of the most primary accessories you should get your hands on. This perfect and powerful accessory can give you hours to enjoy fun gaming. To provide an immersive experience, the controller comes with more realistic motion sensors and other unique features. Controller comfort is indeed crucial for gaming addicts as lengthy usage can lead to fatigue and tiredness. However, this accessory is compact enough to fit comfortably in your hands. The textured grip and thumb-sticks ensure that sweaty hands don’t affect your gameplay. Thanks to a streamlined design, the controller is remarkably portable. So, it is fair to say that the combination of high-quality features with comfort and precise controls allows for a seamless gaming experience.

  • Fast Charging PS4 Controller Dock Station 

Using cell batteries to keep your controllers juiced up can be a draining task. If you have a controller that has a specific design to a PlayStation 4 variant, consider yourself in luck. There aren’t many PS4 accessories in Canada that complement a PS4 controller so well. This fast-charging dual charger stand can carefully secure your controllers once you hook them in. Thanks to the LED charging indicators, you can keep track of your controller’s charge. The lights turn from red to blue as soon as the charging dock completes its job. If you simultaneously charge your controllers, it should take about 3 hours for a full charge. However, single-controller charging is much faster. Due to the rubber pads’ anti-slip function, the charging station is immovable and keeps your controllers safe from unwanted drops. Isn’t it amazingly designed? 

  • Wireless Bluetooth Game Messenger Chatpad Keyboard 

As we all know, typing from a controller is excruciatingly time-consuming. Most online games have chatting functionality for online user interactions. However, most console games are intense and don’t give you a lot of time to stop and write. If you are purchasing a PS4 controller in Canada, you can take your gaming experience even higher. This chat pad could be the answer to all your problems. The wireless mini keyboard comes with Bluetooth capability, which means you don’t have to rely on wired keyboards anymore. Apart from that, the keyboard also features a built-in speaker with a rechargeable battery. Thanks to the accessory’s 3.5mm jack, you can plug in your headphones and say goodbye to enabling a separate voice chat. As it connects with your PS4 controller, you can effortlessly text your friends on multiplayer games.

  1. L2 R2 Buttons Extension Trigger

Have you ever felt like your fingers start to slip off your PS4 controller? Not only that, but your controller’s buttons also start becoming unresponsive after some time. These button extensions are one of the PS4 accessories in the market to help deal with these issues. Since most games constantly demand L2 and R2 button usage, these extensions come in handy. The accessory boasts top-notch ABS material that ensures improvements in speed and accuracy. Besides the material, the button response increases drastically, which means hitting the buttons is relatively more comfortable. As the extensions increase the controller’s range of motion and flexibility, you can accelerate faster in certain games. The extended keys are available in a variety of colors to match your preferences.

  • LED Stereo Noise Reduction Light Weight Gaming Headset 

There is no way you can enjoy gaming without a proper headset, and these stereo headphones will surely meet your standards. As the earmuffs use a skin-friendly material, your ears won’t hurt after wearing this headset for a long time. Likewise, the cool LED light makes this one of the few PlayStation accessories enjoyable for users. Thanks to omnidirectional noise reduction, you get splendid isolation from ambient noise. Also, the one-key volume control button allows for a more convenient gaming setup for your PS4.

How to choose PS4 accessories online? 

Right now, there are a lot of products to choose from. However, you need to pick up only what is necessary and what is available in the store. But before making a purchase, it is advisable to compare product prices online – from different sellers.  

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for PS4 accessory gifts to add to your shopping list, you should have no shortage of options. Esource Parts will undoubtedly provide you the best of the best PS4 Accessories in Canada at the most affordable prices. Also, if you need to look at more available products you can add as gifts to your shopping list, browse the website now. 

Thank you for reading

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