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How to Pack Your Clothes for a Move (5 Hacks To Try)

Moving is exhausting, especially once you have an outsized closet. Find out how to pack clothes properly, thanks to save time and headaches.

Specialty wardrobe boxes with built-in racks are available to shift hanging clothes. These are your best way if you would like your clothes to reach your home wrinkle-free.

Folded Clothes

  1. Arrange empty boxes with packing paper.
  2. Place your belongings within the box.
  3. Use wrinkled paper to fill the gaps.
  4. Close the box and tighten with packing tape.
  5. Label these boxes.

Hanging Clothes

  1. Use wardrobe boxes to hold your clothes. Use hanger on the bar to stay them wrinkle-free.
  2. Take care not to overload cartons. Clothes can wrinkle and difficult to maneuver.
  3. Don’t place your items within the bottom of the box to avert damage.
  4. Tape and label the box, including the sort and specific room the box should place in.

Use Specialty Boxes to avoid Wrinkles and Damage

Clothes on hangers

Specialty wardrobe boxes with built-in racks are available to shift hanging clothes. These are the simplest way if you would like your clothes to reach your home wrinkle-free. One will hold a maximum of two feet of compressed garments on hangers.

If wardrobe cartons aren’t available, then each garment should be far away from its hanger, folded and placed during a bag or a box aligned with clean paper.


You can shift your shoes within the best once they are kept in their original shoe boxes. It’s suggested that you simply cover each shoe separately, then in pairs. Footwear should be cushioned to stop damage to leather and heels. Don’t place heavy objects on top of shoes.

Leather and furs

Leather and fur are especially sensitive to temperature and moisture. It is suggested that you take those items with you rather than having them moved on the van.

Wash or dry-clean clothing

Before packing your hanging clothes and folding clothes, we highly recommend washing everything as thoroughly as possible. Packing dirty clothes with clean clothes will only make all of your clothes stinky. Not to mention, if any of your clothes are damp, you can expect plenty of mildew problems. Making sure everything is properly washed and dried before packing will prevent this from becoming a problem when moving clothes.

Clothing, packing methods, and moving supplies

Purging your closet of unused and unnecessary clothing items is the first step towards moving clothes. After you’ve decided what to keep, you’ll need to start thinking about how you plan to move these closet items. You can start preparing for the move by gathering necessary closet moving supplies. Here are the main items you will need when packing clothes for a move.

Put Aside Essentials

Unless you plan on packing and unpacking your clothes on moving day, chances are you’ll need at least a few days’ worth of outfits available to you after you’ve packed up everything. Clothing should be one of the last things you pack, so put aside the clothes you’ll need in a separate box or suitcase for however many days will come between the day you pack and the day you move in, plus some clothes for a few days to a week after. Clearly, label the box or suitcase so that you know to keep it separate from the rest.

You can follow above points to keep your dresses and shoe damage-free during your relocation, and for more help, you can hire the Top 10 best Packers and Movers South Delhi for shifting (or any other city) to complete your entire home shifting smoothly at an economical price.

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