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How to Turn On Flash While Shooting TikTok Videos?

How to turn on the flash while shooting a video on TikTok is asked by many users who have just joined the platform. TikTok, which is very popular globally, receives thousands of new members every day. Thus, some topics that are well known to everyone are foreign to some.

TikTok, one of the social media platforms, allows its users to shoot videos with music in various features and filters. With the effect of this, it was quickly accepted among the people. Everyone who is a member of the platform shoots a large number of videos and presents them to their followers. However, sometimes there may be insufficient light in the environment. If the ambient lighting cannot be used for some reason, there is a big problem for video shooting.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t shoot your video until it’s clear. If you turn on the phone’s flash, you can continue to shoot your video in good quality. As a result of TikTok camera settings, it is possible to solve the situation in a short time.

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How to Turn On TikTok Video Flash?

Shooting original and new videos on TikTok is of great importance. If you have come up with good ideas to shoot in a dark environment, it is recommended that you try it without wasting time. However, if the environment is completely dark, if there is no light or if there is insufficient light, the video will not be taken.

Here, the question of how to turn on the flash while shooting video comes to everyone’s mind. Because this feature on phones offers you lighter than you need for video, no matter how dark the environment is.

While old users of the platform now know how to do this, it is a difficult situation for new users. But if you know what to do, you can solve the problem in seconds.

To turn on the flash option, first enter the application.

Then you need to open the video editing section.

As you will see here, a flash icon is displayed.

Touching the flash icon will activate the TikTok flash feature.

How to turn on TikTok front flash so that it is done and you may also want to learn how to turn it off after the video is taken. For this, if you tap again on the same icon on which you turned on the flash, it will be turned off. The TikTok flash feature is used on the rear camera, not in selfie mode.

TikTok Flash Won’t Open Error and Solution

It is possible to flash and use the video without entering the TikTok account settings. However, some users state that they did not receive a solution despite doing this. This has three cases. The first is that your app is out of date.

For this, you need to go to the App Store and check the current status of your program. If there is a new update, it is recommended to do it immediately. Then just try to turn the flash back on and check for the problem. If the problem persists, the second possibility is that an update is incomplete or the program/update is found to be faulty.

To test this, you must first open the applications from the settings section of your phone and clear the TikTok data. Then the application should be deleted completely. Then it must be reinstalled. If the problem is caused by the program or the update, it will be the solution.

But if that didn’t work either, your phone’s flash might be broken. If you have made TikTok camera settings but there is no solution, it is recommended to show it to the technical service for the flash problem. But first, it is recommended to do the first two items.

TikTok Camera Settings

TikTok allows users to create vibrant and colorful videos from each other. In addition to these, the settings are also very useful. However, these features are not discovered by most new users. Knowing TikTok camera settings helps you shoot better and quality videos.

Many people on the platform wonder how to zoom while shooting video. Thus, it is possible to zoom in and out without moving the phone. So how can you do this? There are two methods for this. Users can choose any of them.

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If you say you want to set up TikTok, you must first long-tap the camera screen for this option. Then if you want to zoom out, just hold and move in any direction. If you want to zoom in, you have to hold it down and bring it to the original place. For the other method, the camera screen is entered. It is then possible to pinch your fingers together to zoom in or out.

If you want to take a countdown, TikTok camera settings offer you that too. While using, the counter icon on the right is touched. Then the stop is marked and the duration of the video is determined. After that, just say start the countdown. When the countdown ends, it will record. If you want to shoot hands-free videos, you can use the counter feature. So you can shoot more different videos.

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