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Top 10 tips by Best digital marketing agencies for survival during COVID19 pandemic

The year 2020 has taught so many things to people. COVID-19 pandemic has brought up recent changes that have transformed many businesses. The businesses are not similar as they used to be before coronavirus. Different trends, technologies and development based trends have been implemented during this pandemic period to support businesses in a better way. Many entrepreneurs, business people in Dubai took this pandemic positively and provided some tips for digital marketing agency in Dubai to survive in this hardcore period. 

Offers for Assisting Others

Pandemic situation was not a pleasant situation, and neither is it now. But yes, many people have taken initiative to support businesses and others during these crucial times. There are unique ways to help people during these hard times of coronavirus.

Some examples involved:- 

  1. Free courses offered by major learning based companies.
  2. At hard times, converting restaurants into community kitchens.
  3. Providing people with free softwares.
  4. Free services during WFH.
  5. Online free webinars to teach you.
  6. Hiring more workers during these tough times.(Amazon)
  7. Unlimited paid sick leave.(Amazon)
  8. 14 days of sick leave for drivers.(Uber)
  9. Free productive courses on LinkedIn.

Here every little initiative matters. Many big companies are assisting people by providing small small help to their employees.

Deferred Payment Plans

Now it is the time to help your client pay their bills. Many people have lost their loved ones and jobs during this covid times. Some people are suffering from a loss in business. If you showcase some care to your customer, they will consider it as a goodwill of yours. 

Is it probable to postpone payments for a few months?

Assisting your clients with lessening costs for the time being and spreading the installment burden can help enormously. You can conceptualize techniques that will work in your business and present options in contrast to your clients and customers in Dubai that facilitate the extra weight of perhaps defaulting on installments.

Invest in Paid Ads Online

On the off chance that you have never put resources into paid advertising on the web, this time is the ideal opportunity to relook that technique. Presently, paid adverts are less expensive than at any other time. Cost Per Click (CPC) promotes deals with an auction system, and as organizations are diminishing their spend, costs on high-esteem search terms are not driven up as much of course. 

Simultaneously, more individuals are on the web, with remote works, making their buys, doing research or searching for amusement. 

Expanded profit from venture for paid promoting in Dubai=>More individuals on the web + lower CPC rates

Redefine Your Marketing Objectives

With cOVID-19 pandemic hits every single business in Dubai. So you have moulded your business strategy in such a way that it should understand what your customer actually needs this time.

For this, there is a need to redistribute marketing budgets.  

For example, there are some corporate events that can be channelled into online events. 

It can also emphasize budget in online shopping towards rewarding online shopping. This way we can encourage offline customers to become online customers.

Also, you can provide them with offers and discounts.

Deployment of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is also a part of digital marketing strategies. It focuses on providing that information to the customers which they are actually looking for.

If you deliver the right value to your customers, your customers can bind with your brand. They can engage, attract and feel happy with your services.

There are the following things which are involved in inbound marketing strategies:-

  • Paid Ads
  • FAQ’s
  • Social media campaigns
  • Chatbots
  • Viral Videos
  • E-Books
  • Voice Search
  • SEO website text
  • Webinars

Full-fledged inbound marketing strategy works as the business driver if it focuses on size, niches and customers properly. If you are searching for this kind of digital marketing agency in Dubai, then we are right here to help you.

 Emphasis on Content

You can explore what people are looking for when you are in an online business. For this you can check their purchase history. Digital business allows you to access digital data all the time. You can have your keen eye on the following things:-

  • The type of pages your customer explores the maximum?
  • The regular purchases they made?
  • The item they have added in the cart?

Best Content objectives to be opted during the time of Pandemic COVID-19.

  • Provide valuable content and build reliability of customers on your brand.
  • Give informational content that can add some value.
  • Better ideas for customer engagement.
  • Add spice of entertainment for your customers.
  • Helpful content creation

Building Customer-Oriented Messaging

Your customers are not only your customers, mind it. Your competitors are also communicating with your customers. So this time you have rebooted your messaging tactic.

You can use outbound messages for conveying 

You can use outbound messages for conveying relevant information, such as changes in product lines or delivery updates rather than constant sales messaging. For this, you can use marketing automation technology.

 Choose the Right Digital Agency Partner:

Only you can decide which digital marketing agency in Dubai is better for you.

There are many digital marketing agencies in Dubai. Before hiring any digital marketing agency, you should first ask these questions to agency:

  • How to do research regarding competitors?
  • Do you have a plan for us?
  • Are you comfortable with our plan?
  • Do you give monthly reports?
  • Will you work to improve our brand name?

The digital marketing agency you will provide you with the following services:-

Many digital marketing agencies in Dubai work according to the trends. Those agencies find time to recognize your business needs and are the best agency for you.

Intuitive  & Superfast Customer Support

Customers become the crucial component of brand loyalty. Customers’ expectations are extremely high and they want quick services too. 

If the customer service is good, then customer retention rate also increases. 

There are various ways by which you can resolve your customer’s query efficiently.

Following are some ways:-

  • Using chatbots
  • Toll free service number
  • Emails
  • Online contact form

One report by Accenture depicted that 75% of clients say that they feel happy buying from a business that knows them by their name, recognizes their buying history and provides them with personal recommendations for products depending upon the past searches and purchases.

Predict & Adapt Changes

Your essential capacity to think out of the box, drive leads, hold clients and investigate new channels will see your business in Dubai going from one solidarity to another, presently, and for whatever is around the following corner.

Final Thoughts

In this blog, we have discussed top 10 tips to survive COVID-19 pandemic. If you are having any doubt, ask us freely in the comment section.

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